Who’s Who in Religion

A letter I received in the mail last week gave me a good chuckle:

Dear Evan,

I am pleased to inform you that you have been recently selected to represent Olathe, KS in the upcoming edition of The Metropolitan Who’s Who in Religion.

Your candidacy was approved on March 23rd. Your confirmation for inclusion will be effective immediately, pending our receipt of the enclosed information form.

This is your chance for the community to recognize you for delivering the Word of the Lord, and for the good works of your church’s outreach programs, so please complete and return the enclosed information card at the earliest opportunity so that all of your information appears as accurate as possible in The Registry.

Upon your final confirmation, you will be identified as an influential figure in the next edition of The Registry.

Remember, your listing in The Registry is complimentary, and on behalf of Metropolitan Who’s Who we look forward to your appearance in this year’s edition. Best wishes for your continued success.

This is likely a form letter based on lists from other publications that somehow consider me to be a pastoral type. I have received other mail in the past targeted to those in professional ministry. This almost makes me want to take on more religious obligations to earn the award, but recognition for religious activity is no longer an honor worth earning to me. I don’t need their approval any more.

4 Responses to Who’s Who in Religion

  1. If someone from Metropolitan Who’s Who asks you to delete this post, please don’t take it down.

    BTW… You have some wonderful photographs!

  2. Evan Black says:

    Thanks, T.J. I looked up some blog entries on Metropolitan Who’s Who a few days ago and read about the issues that others have encountered with that organization. It seems that a legitimate company wouldn’t have much time to be so concerned with what a few bloggers think about its services. I will keep your advice in mind.

  3. E Zanatta says:

    As a former emplyee of MWW – I can assure you that they do mail out millions of application cards to “qualified” canidates. Some replies come back from prison’s. How qualified is this candidate for inclusion – well very if he or she happens to have a credit card that is valid.

  4. Little Kris says:

    I used to work for this company as well, and maybe if people utilized this networking tool properly it would work for them. However, I received applications back from counter help at Mcdonalds that wanted to be included, even some people that were unemployed. So the choice is yours, spend a thousand or so dollars on a membership to network with, lets face it, not professionals and executives, or save your money and time and hang up on the people that call you. And as an employee, I was working 42 and a half hours a week and was paid 300 dollars a week. I thought slaverly was banned in the United States?


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